If you find that your To-Do list seems endless and you’re not getting it all done then perhaps the problem is that you’re over-scheduling. Classics are the guiltiest when it comes to stuffing a day full of an impossibly long list but all personality types can find themselves doing it. To reign in this tendency, use a planning system that has a built-in feature to help you wean & prioritize your To-do’s. This might be a “Duh!” to many but you’d be surprised how many don’t adequately prioritize their time. 

Franklin Covey’s newest planner is a spot on solution to this problem and while it’s best for Classics, Organic Structure and Smart Structure could easily use it too. It helps you become more realistic about how much can get done in a day. Hey, you might get the same amount done, but isn’t that feeling of a fully crossed off list wonderful?

Now, we know there are some Organic Freedom or Smart Freedom types who might get obsessively inspired enough to use these, but you will be rare — and the system will be hard for your to maintain so why do that to yourself! Remember, it has to feel easy to work well. And Funs? I don’t think you can be fun and seriously consider such a serious looking piece of real estate.