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Traditional, Organized pixie type classic

Preserver • Guardian • Protector • SJ

It’s not surprising that when people picture the age-old stereotypical fanny pack wearing American tourist, they’re organization style is usually Classics (SJ) — because you are most Americans even if most of you had the good sense to ditch your fanny packs.

Classics make up almost half of the American population (46%) and are most likely responsible for the American stereotypes of tradition, hard work, and loyalty.

No, you’re not always traditional but you usually finish what you start, you’re rarely described as slackers and you make dependable friends. You feel best about life when striving toward a goal and getting things done. You love being organized and always try to create routine and structure in your life.

When it comes to home and life issues, you guys probably have the easiest time running a home, your lives, and getting things done. You were born with the skills needed to run a tight ship no matter what the ship. The only things those with a Classic organization style tend to have trouble with is the big picture skills needed for the grand scheme of things — designing furniture layouts, picture hanging, etc.

What’s easiest for you is cleaning and decluttering; what’s hardest is interior design.

If any of this sounds eerily familiar then you are probably Classic. Read on to see if your specific organization style is the more logical Classic Structure or more subjective Classic Freedom.

Classic Structure Organization Style (ESTJ & ISTJ)

A modern day June Cleaver’s not always warm and fuzzy twin

If you fall into this organization style, you keep a ship shape home and essentially make the gears of society work come hell or high water.

You are nice and friendly but, you have a bit of an edge to you and we don’t mean this in a bad way. You are logical decision makers, who believe in fairness and tend to put people behind logic when solving problems.

You inadvertently step on people’s toes more often than your Classic Freedom (ESFJ & ISFJ) friends. However, you’re often more decisive. 10 people need to be fired or the firm you built from the ground-up goes under? Done. Don’t get us wrong, you feel terrible about it but it needs to be done. Cleaning out a closet is very easy for most of you.

Those with a Class Structure organization style make up 20% of the population.

Classic Freedom Organization Style (ESFJ & ISFJ)

Um, a modern day June Cleaver

You are quintessential homemakers — we mean this as a compliment — and this is true whether you’re a housewife or househusband, a professional, a combination of the two, single or married.

You’re tidy, you’re punctual, you’re warm, you’re thoughtful, you’re nurturing, you’re efficient, etc. You are the underpinnings of society and often the grease that keeps those gears humming. You are value based, subjective decision makers. 10 people need to be fired or your firm that you built from the ground up goes under? You’re torn up about it and more indecisive than usual as you weigh the pros and cons and put off what has to be done while figuring out how to minimize the pain. You base decisions on past experience and how things will impact others.

When it comes to staying organized, this means you have trouble throwing out sweaters that beloved Grandma Harriet knit you. Sometimes you’re logical, sometimes you’re not. Often you seem a little more thoughtful about others than Classic Structures (ESTJ & ISTJ).

Those with a Class Freedom organization style make up 26% of the population.

Organization Style: fun Adventurous, Practical

Craftsman • Creator • Artisan • SP

Personality quizzes never seem to completely capture you. Or rather, people with a Fun organization style are the ones who say to us, “I’m not one specific personality type. I am a little bit of them all.” Or, “I don’t believe in that crap.” Pretty much whenever we hear that we know exactly who you are: A Fun.

Yes, you are easy-going, sometimes adventurous, and adept at living in the moment. However, you are also firmly grounded in reality and the practical details of life and work, which means bills get paid and work gets done even if you misplaced or have never had a To-Do list.

Focused on the here and now, Funs get things done but are flexible about the when and how — thriving at improvising in the moment to solve problems and meet deadlines. You make up about a quarter of the American population (27%) and tend to trust your five senses over less tangible concepts and ideas.

Funs (SP) like Classics (SJ) are separated into two different organization styles based on whether they use logic or subjective criteria to make decisions.

If any of this sounds eerily familiar then you are probably Fun. Whether you love a good party or would prefer a quiet night at home, read on to see if you are Fun Structure or Fun Freedom.

Fun Structure Organization Style (ESTP & ISTP)

Bond … James Bond

We gave you a cool title but don’t get ahead of yourself because some of you could also be described as “Computer Programmer” or, ahem, “IT nerd”. This is because you’re logical, detail oriented decision makers who believe in fairness and tend to put people second when solving problems.

But that’s your serious side. You’re also easy going and spontaneous (umm, you’d have to be if you’re a spy, right?) yet practical, tending to keep your possessions neater than most.

You can step on people’s toes more often than your Fun Freedom (ESFP & ISFP) friends because it means you probably say inadvertently rude things sometimes and don’t understand why being honest was rude. But, this logic also means you’re more decisive in the moment, which comes in handy when you’re an international man (or woman) of mystery and need to make decisions at the drop of a hat to save your life without getting flustered.

Some people talk about carpe diem yet rarely do it. You do it almost instinctively when left to your own devices. Those people who take their school age children on year long sailboat cruises? Yeah, only you.

Those with a Fun Structure organization style make up 10% of the population.

Fun Freedom Organization Style (ESFP & ISFP)

Timmy Bond, James’ cousin

We joke, we joke. You too are spontaneous like a spy, carpe diem, and a massive help in a crisis — you always seem to land on your feet. You’re clutch and easy going. You really know how to enjoy life but don’t ignore practical aspects like organization.

The major difference between Fun Structures (ESTP & ISTP) and you guys is that you have more awareness of what others might be feeling than say James Bond. This is because you are value based, subjective decision makers. You base decisions on past experience and also consider how things might impact others.

Sometimes you’re logical, sometimes you’re not. For example, if you grew up being told that when an older person in poor health dies it’s a relief, you’ll say so when you hear of someone dying in this situation — rational but not sensitive.

If you’re then told that this person’s daughter is super sad, you’ll realize what you said wasn’t the best fit for the situation (whoops!) and if you can, you’ll make a quick amends. Your cousin, James Bond, however, might never fully understand why this was rude. It’s this sort of awareness that makes you seem more thoughtful about others than your Fun Structure friends.

Those with a Fun Freedom organization style make up 17% of the population.

Organization Style smartInventive, Clever

Mastermind • Intellectual • Rational • NT

Smarts are clever and inventive, the architects of change in this world. Somehow, you’ve always known this and it’s one of the reasons you’re rather unique.

You’re the ones who always end up running things even if you consciously try not to do it. You make up only 10% of the American population, and yet most CEOs, presidents, and people in charge, etc. are Smarts.

It’s probably because you’re intellectually curious and adept complex problem solvers — perfect born leaders, and maybe even a little bit smarter than the next fellow. You are analytical, driven and set a high standard for everyone, including yourselves.

While Smart Structures (ENTJ & INTJ) prefer structure and planning, Smart Freedoms (ENTP & INTP) take life as it comes. If any of this sounds eerily familiar then you are probably Smart.

Whether you love a good party or would prefer a quiet night at home, read on to see if you are Smart Structure or Smart Freedom.

Smart Structure Organization Style (ENTJ & INTJ)

The President
This is the type who the majority of Americans probably imagine a President should be, bold yet practical, fearless yet a thinker who is also decisive. Smart Freedoms (ENTP & INTP) share some of these qualities but are perhaps not as practical or as decisive.

Smart Structures prefer to live life in a scheduled and structured way. You guys create a lot more structure (Day Planners) and routine (Tennis is on Wednesdays, Fridays you prefer to keep plans to a minimum etc.) than your Smart Freedom friends who prefer to understand and experience life rather than control and structure it.

You need to finish what you start. Sometimes even with a secretary, you tend to surround yourself with paper piles, but there’s always a structure to them.

Those with a Smart Structure organization style make up about 4% of the population.

Smart Freedom Organization Style (ENTP & INTP)

Don Draper
The major difference between Smart Freedoms (ENTP & INTP) and Smart Structures (ENTJ & INTJ) is how you structure your outer world. Smart Freedoms prefer to understand and experience life rather than control and structure it.

You guys don’t live your life by routines (Tennis is on Wednesdays unless you don’t feel like it, Friday is for what you want to do or what comes up) and most certainly, you don’t live according to Day Planners. You can be practical but your big picture dreams can overpower those sensibilities.

Like Organic Freedoms (ENFP & INFP), you need to see things to know where they are, so you tend to have piles of paper and stuff around, there’s just not as much rhyme or reason to it as the Smart Structures’ piles.

And like Don Draper, you tend to come up with brilliant and creative ideas, seemingly out of nowhere, that have the potential to change the world or at a minimum are really unique and different.

Those with a Smart Freedom organization style make up 6% of the population.

Organization Style organicIdealistic, Creative

Dreamer • Idealist • Visionary • NF

You guys are the idealists of the world, placing personal growth and relationships above all else.

As the name implies, you let order develop naturally and feel best about who you are when you’re helping make a difference in the world — whether through work or your personal relationships. There’s just something meaningful about helping people reach their potential.

Our mom is an Organic and was an art therapist for years. When she retired, a patient’s daughter sent her a thank you letter for helping her mom get well. To her, this was tangible validation for her career, better than a retirement gift. Most other personality types would’ve appreciated a watch or plaque more.

You make up less than a quarter of the American population (16%), and often feel alone in your battle to place authenticity and meaning ahead of achievement and ambition.

The Organics Structures (ENFJ & INFJ) among you prefer structure and planning, while the Organic Freedoms (ENFP & INFP) can take life as it comes and prefer less planning.

Organic Structure Organization Style (ENFJ & INFJ)

A Landscaped English Garden
You can appreciate the seemingly wild beauty that is a proper English Garden but you also know that most require quite a bit of planning and forethought. It’s kind of like you.

You guys prefer to live life in a scheduled and structured way. This means you use a Day Planner of some sort, like a tidy house even if it isn’t always perfect. Your piles around the house are usually planned. You like routines and generally stick to them, which is very different than your Organic Freedom (ENFP & INFP) brethren.

Those with an Organic Structure organization style make up 4% of the population.

Organic Freedom Organization Style (ENFP & INFP)

The Wild Beauty of the English Moors
The Wild Beauty of the English Moors

It’s not like you don’t appreciate the grandiose beauty of an English Garden and you might even have one yourself that kind of just came together after randomly choosing a bunch of perennials you liked.

Planning and logistics are not really your bag. You guys like to have routine in your life but more often than not break this routine whenever you start feeling stifled. You guys prefer to experience life rather than control it.

Translation? You use a lot less structure and routine than your Organic Structure (ENFJ & INFJ) friends, which means that Day Planners are a no go (even though you’re always trying some new system) and piles are rarely planned, they just happen. Yet, even without plans, it all usually turns up roses, or at least wild heather.

Those with an Organic Freedom organization style make up 12% of the population.

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