Virtual Organizing Services

To get and STAY organized, you need the right advice, PixieAdvice. We organize in-person as well. Email us at to book your appointment.

It’s time to live with a system that works for YOU

Help us, help you.

Hire us! How you organize is hardwired in your brain. The trick to getting and staying organized is building systems that work for you. Organization isn’t about making it perfect. It’s about finding stuff when you need it.

Our range of clients runs the gamut from busy executives having trouble balancing everything to kids trying to learn the basics of executive functioning skills that will work for who they naturally are. We’re organizing coaches and we get you back on your game. Everyone gets disorganized at some point in their life. You’re not alone.

We love teaching people how to organize whether that’s physically helping them or teaching them our best tips and tricks for their organizing style. We’ve been doing fun, dynamic speaking engagements for years now. Obviously, it’s virtual for the time being but it means we do a lot more of them since there’s no travel involved.

“Marriage Counseling” Organizing Package
$300per package
  • Learn to Organize Your Way:
  • ~ Reduce Stress ~
  • ~ Feel Happier ~
  • ~ “Get” your spouse ~
  • ~ Make life easier ~
  • Virtual Organizing Package includes:
  • 2 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Where you will:
  • Discover your organizational styles
  • Learn why your spouse drives you crazy
  • Find organizational compromises
  • Receive a free copy of Organize Your Way
Pre-Listing Decluttering
$200+per package
  • Organize Your Home Pre-Listing:
  • ~ Sell Faster ~
  • ~ Make Moving Easier ~
  • ~ Reduce Stress ~
  • ~ Enjoy Being Clutter Free ~
  • Organizing Packages include:
  • • A 1-hour assessment plus time to declutter
  • Where we will:
  • • Clear out cluttered closets & Cabinets
  • • Create Organizational Solutions

Our ePlans – Virtual Organizing Help on a Budget

ePlans are the solution when you’re looking for something in between direct help and just listening to or reading our blog. They’re unique to each organizing style and therefore almost customized. Once you purchase an ePlan, you immediately can download it and get started on your project.

Sign up for a 4-part series that will give you a step by step guide on how to organize your living room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, completely for YOUR personality type. We will send you 1 email per week, then by the end of the month you will be able to enjoy your brand new space! It’s our most accessible organizing services option.

Other Organizing Services

QuickPixie Session:

For current & former clients

30-minute phone session


Virtual Organizing Coaching Package:

Three 1-hour sessions
Zoom sessions


Speaking Engagements:

Virtual Talks, Corporate Lunch n’ Learns, Keynotes & Conferences, Organizing Kids Talk

$200 per hour

Gift Certificates:

Give the gift of organizing!

a.k.a. The gift that keeps on giving

a.k.a. An awesome gift

Speaking Engagements

Life is hard — for instance, ahem, pandemic — but, organizing it shouldn’t be. In addition one-on-one organizing services, we teach people how to get and stay organized through talks & webinars. Lesson #1? If it’s hard, you’re probably doing it wrong. Our talks are insightful, enlightening, and entertaining — or at least our clients tell us so!

Corporate Lunchtime Talk:
Most people are organized at work because … you HAVE to be. But often, homes fall short of the mark. As a result, employees are less productive than they could be, especially in post pandemic life where the two are often merged. We educate employees on how to organize at work AND at home by using their personality type’s natural tendencies.

Seminars & Conferences:
The secret to increased productivity is learning to use your personality type’s natural tendencies to better organize therefore, this is what we teach during our keynote speeches and seminars. Our talks range from 1-hour to 8-hours. Yes, we’re so full of life changing information that people want to listen to us for an entire day.

Organizing Kids Talk:
You’ve probably heard of “Executive Functioning Skills” which is fancy talk for being able to organize. While some kids are seemingly born with this ability, others struggle. No matter where your child falls on this spectrum, we teach everyone the organizational tools that children need to succeed in school and life. But above all else, easily find their homework and hand it in on time.

Book Club & PA Talks:
We love talking to community groups of all types! Whether it’s via Zoom, Google Chat or (hopefully post pandemic lockdown) in person, we teach you how to more easily organize. Most importantly, we encourage everyone to come armed with organization questions/dilemmas.