You can spend a pretty penny on a contractor building you a custom closet but nothing gives you the bang for the buck like Elfa Closets at the Container Store. It’s our go to solution for clients because it’s customizable, changeable and easy to uninstall — seriously, I’ve uninstalled my fair share and I’m not exactly a master handymen. What is more, the Container Store saves your Elfa closet plan so that you can reuse parts if you move or want to change things. This means this closet system makes sense for owners and renters. You could bring it with you to your new place, return to the Container Store and they’ll re-customize a new closet for your new place using your existing parts and then add anything that is missing. It’s kind of amazing. Frugal Classics, Funs and Organic Structures will love the practicality of this system. If you’re searching for a higher end appearance, check out their deluxe options.

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