wood hangers

Matching coat hangers are a must as they keep coats on the same visual plane thereby making it easier to see your coats. These Basic Shirt Hangers from the Container Store are the best coat hangers for your Entranceway closet as they’re streamlined, sturdy and not too expensive.

Smarts will argue that you need massive, space hogging, wooden, shoulder filling hangers to properly maintain high-end caliber coats and blazers. Poppycock; they are often overkill as the vast majority of overcoats and blazers are not that finely tailored. But we know Smarts will not listen to us on this subject so if you’re going to ignore us or your coats are made by Henry Poole or Bernard Weatherill — and if you don’t know who they are then you’re safe with just Basic Coat Hangers — at least get the Superior Natural Wood Hangers that match the Basic Coat Hangers.

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