Traditional, Organized

Preserver • Guardian • Protector • SJ

It’s not surprising that when people picture the age-old stereotypical fanny pack wearing American tourist, they’re usually Classics (SJ) — because you are most Americans even if most of you had the good sense to ditch your fanny packs. Classics make up almost half of the American population (46%) and are most likely responsible for the American stereotypes of tradition, hard work, and loyalty. No, you’re not always traditional but you usually finish what you start, you’re rarely described as slackers and you make dependable friends. You feel best about life when striving toward a goal and getting things done. You love being organized and always try to create routine and structure in your life.

When it comes to home and life issues, you guys probably have the easiest time running a home, your lives, and getting things done. You were born with the skills needed to run a tight ship no matter what the ship. The only things you tend to have trouble with is the big picture skills needed for the grand scheme of things — designing furniture layouts, picture hanging, etc. What’s easiest for you is being on time; what’s hardest is interior design.

If any of this sounds eerily familiar then you are probably Classic. Read on to see if you are the more logical Classic Structure or more subjective Classic Freedom.

Classic Structure (ESTJ & ISTJ)

A modern day June Cleaver’s not always warm and fuzzy twin

You guys keep a ship shape home and essentially make the gears of society work come hell or high water. You are nice and friendly but, you have a bit of an edge to you and we don’t mean this in a bad way. You are logical decision makers, who believe in fairness and tend to put people behind logic when solving problems. Translation? You inadvertently step on people’s toes more often than your Classic Freedom (ESFJ & ISFJ) friends. However, you’re often more decisive. 10 people need to be fired or the firm you built from the ground-up goes under? Done. Don’t get us wrong, you feel terrible about it but it needs to be done. Cleaning out a closet is very easy for most of you. You make up 20% of the population.

Classic Freedom (ESFJ & ISFJ)

Um, a modern day June Cleaver

You are quintessential homemakers — we mean this as a compliment — and this is true whether you’re a housewife, a professional, single or a guy. You’re tidy, you’re punctual, you’re warm, you’re thoughtful, you’re nurturing, you’re efficient etc. You are the underpinnings of society and often the grease that keeps those gears humming. You are value based, subjective decision makers. 10 people need to be fired or your firm that you built from the ground up goes under? You’re torn up about it and more indecisive than usual as you weigh the pros and cons and put off what has to be done while figuring out how to minimize the pain. You base decisions on past experience and how things will impact others. When it comes to organization, this means you have trouble throwing out sweaters that beloved Grandma Harriet knit you. Sometimes you’re logical, sometimes you’re not. Often you seem a little more thoughtful about others than Classic Structures (ESTJ & ISTJ). You make up 26% of the population.