SFJ • Guardians who prefer Feeling when making decisions.

If you identify as a CLASSIC, but tend to make decisions using your personal life experience, knowledge and people-centered values, more often than logic and facts, you are probably CLASSIC FREEDOM. In general you seem more flexible than your CLASSIC STRUCTURE counterparts. You are gifted organizers, so you are often asked to help out with parents groups, committees, bridesmaid duties, etc. and because harmony is so important and you abhor conflict, you tend to say yes way too much. What’s easiest for you is helping others; what’s hardest is saying NO.


  • Being put together and appropriately dressed for any occasion whether you feel you are or not.
  • Being on time, not just because it’s important, but because it’s the polite thing to do.
  • Getting work done before you play. You couldn’t do it any other way.
  • Planning ahead. You prefer to pack day(s) or weeks in advance of a trip.
  • Being in control of your environment and creating structure wherever you go (even in hotel rooms) as it creates a harmonious tone to the trip.
  • Making lists, getting things done, and crossing them off — check and cross!
  • Remembering people’s birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Making sure your gifts and thank you notes arrive in a timely fashion because it is polite and nice.
  • Being dependable, responsible, and rarely late because it’s rude to keep people waiting and disrespectful of their time.


  • Splurging. Thrift and practicality can easily sway you (and right now you are probably thinking, “Wait, but being practical or thrifty are good things!”).
  • Perfection. You would rather get it done than have it perfect, especially if you are under a deadline. (Tests being a possible exception)
  • Clutter if you don’t have enough space to organize properly, or you are forced to live in conditions that are not ideal (i.e., the cramped spaces of New York City apartments.)
  • Passing up a deal, especially if someone you know or love might benefit from it. This can create clutter, especially because you tend to by things long before there’s a need to give it.
  • Seeing the big picture, which makes it difficult to decorate. Always consider the opinions of your visual big picture friends — ORGANICS & SMARTS — when it comes to home decor. Or hire an expert.
  • Accepting that other people have trouble being on time, remembering birthdays, and forget to call you back. And that they do not mean it personally.