SP • Artisans with a preference for using Feeling when making decisions

If you identify as FUN, but tend to make decisions using your personal life experience, knowledge and people-centered values, more often than logic and facts, you are probably FUN FREEDOM. In general you seem more flexible than your FUN STRUCTURE counterparts. You don’t love the routine aspects of home & life, but you excel at the unexpected, short range planning and giving their all to things they believe in. What’s easiest for them is making chores fun; what’s hardest is being on time.

What’s Easy

  • You make fun cooks, able to take what you have in the cupboard and whip it up into something fabulous. Recipes are such a pain to follow! Why bother when it’s so much more fun to just DO.
  • You work wonders in the moment. Last minute costumes or forgotten homework assignments. You can adapt to the challenge and come up with solutions quickly and on the fly. Like James Bond or Indiana Jones.
  • You do the dishes soon after they’re done because it’s annoying to have chores hanging over your head. Its not the same internal clock that Classics have pushing you to do it, it just makes sense and why would you want to have dirty dishes in the sink? It actually affronts your tactile sensibility, so gross!
  • You are an exceptional friend to have in a pinch. Sports injuries, medical emergencies, you have the flexibility to take quick action, keep your calm, and remember all the details of what’s going on. Hospital negligence would be impossible with you as an advocate.
  • You adapt very easily to the schedules and endless details inherent in raising children, and enjoy the challenges.
  • As for organizing, when you find the time and have the space, you are amazing at it. Plus, you can have things tucked away and know exactly where they are.

What’s Hard

  • Being on time and doing things on time. Unless you have harnessed your power of spontaneity to deal with emails, party invitations, bills, etc. right when you get them, these things have a way of disappearing from your immediate view.
  • Because you are so detail focused, you can miss the big picture when it comes to home décor and design, and because you are so adaptable, you can live in an “unfinished” or stark living situation for a long time. Rely on your big picture friends (ORGANIC & SMART) or hire an expert for ideas on how to give all your beautiful details a larger cohesion.
  • Sometimes you become so practical that you keep what others might deem as unnecessary things (like original boxes for everything you own) or accept every hand-me-down (if it’s nice).
  • You also have a tendency to forget to call people back when you said you would, or when someone asks you to “remember something,” they might as well say, “forget it completely.” Try writing it down, keep a daily planner, or set a reminder on your cell phone or electronic calendar.
  • Your concept of time can get you into trouble when not on vacation. You probably have pushed your preferences to be on time for work, but it’s harder when you’re off of the clock. You might find your nearest and dearest have begun to tell you the wrong time! Use all the tricks in the above bullet to be fashionably, not rudely late.