Idealistic, Creative

Dreamer • Idealist • Visionary • NF

You guys are the idealists of the world, placing personal growth and relationships above all else. As the name implies, you let order develop naturally and feel best about who you are when you’re helping make a difference in the world — whether through work or your personal relationships. There’s just something meaningful about helping people reach their potential. Our mom is an Organic and was an art therapist for years. When she retired, a patient’s daughter sent her a thank you letter for helping her mom get well. To her, this was tangible validation for her career, better than a retirement gift. Most other personality types would’ve appreciated a watch or plaque more. You make up less than a quarter of the American population (16%), and often feel alone in your battle to place authenticity and meaning ahead of achievement and ambition.

The Organics Structures (ENFJ & INFJ) among you prefer structure and planning, while the Organic Freedoms (ENFP & INFP) can take life as it comes and prefer less planning.

Organic Structures (ENFJ & INFJ)

A Landscaped English Garden

You can appreciate the seemingly wild beauty that is a proper English Garden but you also know that most require quite a bit of planning and forethought. It’s kind of like you. You guys prefer to live life in a scheduled and structured way. This means you use a Day Planner of some sort, like a tidy house even if it isn’t always perfect. Your piles around the house are usually planned. You like routines and generally stick to them, which is very different than your Organic Freedom (ENFP & INFP) brethren. You make up 4% of the population.

Organic Freedoms (ENFP & INFP)

The Wild Beauty of the English Moors

It’s not like you don’t appreciate the grandiose beauty of an English Garden and you might even have one yourself that kind of just came together after randomly choosing a bunch of perennials you liked. Planning and logistics are not really your bag. You guys like to have routine in your life but more often than not break this routine whenever you start feeling stifled. You guys prefer to experience life rather than control it. Translation? You use a lot less structure and routine than your Organic Structure (ENFJ & INFJ) friends, which means that Day Planners are a no go (even though you’re always trying some new system) and piles are rarely planned, they just happen. Yet, even without plans, it all usually turns up roses, or at least wild heather. You make up 12% of the population.