Inventive, Clever

Mastermind • Intellectual • Rational • NT

Smarts are clever and inventive, the architects of change in this world. Somehow, you’ve always known this and it’s one of the reasons you’re rather unique. You’re the ones who always end up running things even if you consciously try not to do it. You make up only 10% of the American population, and yet most CEOs, presidents, and people in charge, etc. are Smarts. It’s probably because you’re intellectually curious and adept complex problem solvers — perfect born leaders, and maybe even a little bit smarter than the next fellow. You are analytical, driven and set a high standard for everyone, including yourselves. While Smart Structures (ENTJ & INTJ) prefer structure and planning, Smart Freedoms (ENTP & INTP) take life as it comes. Read on to see which kind of Smart you are. If any of this sounds eerily familiar then you are probably Smart. Whether you love a good party or would prefer a quiet night at home, read on to see if you are Smart Structure or Smart Freedom.

Smart Structures (ENTJ & INTJ)

The President This is the type who the majority of Americans probably imagine a President should be, bold yet practical, fearless yet a thinker who is also decisive. Smart Freedoms (ENTP & INTP) share some of these qualities but are perhaps not as practical or as decisive. Smart Structures prefer to live life in a scheduled and structured way. You guys create a lot more structure (Day Planners) and routine (Tennis is on Wednesdays, Fridays you prefer to keep plans to a minimum etc.) than your Smart Freedom friends who prefer to understand and experience life rather than control and structure it. You need to finish what you start. Sometimes even with a secretary, you tend to surround yourself with paper piles, but there’s always a structure to them. You are about 4% of the population.

Smart Freedoms (ENTP & INTP)

Don Draper The major difference between Smart Freedoms (ENTP & INTP) and Smart Structures (ENTJ & INTJ) is how you structure your outer world. Smart Freedoms prefer to understand and experience life rather than control and structure it. You guys don’t live your life by routines (Tennis is on Wednesdays unless you don’t feel like it, Friday is for what you want to do or what comes up) and most certainly, you don’t live according to Day Planners. You can be practical but your big picture dreams can overpower those sensibilities. Like Organic Freedoms (ENFP & INFP), you need to see things to know where they are, so you tend to have piles of paper and stuff around, there’s just not as much rhyme or reason to it as the Smart Structures’ piles. And like Don Draper, you tend come up with brilliant and creative ideas, seemingly out of nowhere, that have the potential to change the world or at a minimum are really unique and different. You make up 6% of the population.