Hester & Cook Paper Placemats

Setting a table isn’t exactly a pressing concern for most. But in figuring out how to do it more easily, I realized I was using an one of our important organizational strategies … the 1-Step Solution. I am a stickler for a properly set table even on an average weeknight. For holidays, I go a little crazy. Or I used to. It’s became too much even for me as a detail oriented, tradition obsessed Classic. There’s so many To Dos over the holidays that adding laundering table linens is the straw that broke this camel’s back. I stumbled upon a simple strategy this year that lopped off quite a few steps preparing for Christmas dinner. Most importantly, this simple strategy adheres to our advice to always winnow down any task to as close as possible to a 1-Step Solution.

Removing Steps Make Life Easier

Paper placemats. I stumbled upon the idea because my new web helper has a talented company as their client, Lucy Grimes. It blew my mind. You can have placemats that are like a pad of paper and personalized. Lightbulb! Why hadn’t I ever thought of this type of attractive easy in my lifelong table setting obsession?? It’s not like I have a butler doing things for me and heck even if I did, why should he or she have an easier job too.

A few years (and two less kids ago), I would’ve thought paper placemats at Christmas dinner was practically barbaric. LOL. But to be honest, the paper placemats and table runner that I got from Hester & Cook are WAY more festive than anything I own and more economical than me going out to Home Goods and buying a million things. I didn’t go FULL 1-Step Solution as I used actual china and silverware. Paper plates and plastic cutlery for Christmas would’ve been a bridge too far for me. But it was blissful at day’s end not to quietly be annoyed to find a splash of red wine on the corner of a placemat. This discovery always means multiple steps. This time? Hello recycling bin.

As close as possible to 1-step is always better

Now, how are paper placemats a 1-Step solution? With linens, you have to stain treat them after dinner. Then you either pay someone to launder them for you, drop them off and then pick them up (or arrange for this to be done) or you wash, iron and fold them yourself. Either way when they’re clean, you have to put the linens away. It’s a 3 to 4-step process. Paper placemats? You either trash them or if they’re clean store them. Done. I actually relaxed for a bit in between Christmas dinner clean-up and bedtime. Sometimes it doesn’t matter what your personality is. Easier is always better.

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