Dear K & K: What baby gift ideas would you suggest for an expecting mom as a congratulations gift? My boss just told me that she’s pregnant with her first baby. She’s Jewish so she can’t keep gifts for the baby in her house until after the baby is born, but I was thinking I could get something for her? What would you suggest? Signed: Baby Gifts in Boise

Dear Baby Gifts: Your boss isn’t alone. Many countries around the world don’t buy gifts ahead of a baby’s birth. Whenever we want to buy a mom a gift that leaves no “trace”, we always think about pampering. When you’re pregnant, you’re often exhausted. SO, our first baby gift idea is to buy her a gift certificate to pamper herself. But, remember you have to get special maternity massages while pregnant (long story) and pedicures are sometimes dicey (another long store). Therefore, this leaves us with hair. Our actual baby gift idea is to get her a gift certificate to Blo or the Dry Bar. A blowout is a luxury and for a pregnant gal, a godsend during a week when she’s too tired to deal. It happens.

Now, on to our second best baby gift idea. When the baby is born, buy your boss clothes in multiple sizes. For some reason, first time moms get TONS of clothes for 0-3 month olds. But, before you know it, your baby is 3 months old, nothing fits, you’re insanely busy, and often returning to work! Hence why this baby gift idea is another godsend. Life Should Be Easy!!

When Kelly had her first baby, a family friend gave her a gift of six cotton Winnie the Pooh themed PJs size 3 mo-24 mo. When Kelly opened the package, she couldn’t believe her little baby would ever fit in that 24 mo. size. But sure enough, in the blink of an eye, he did. All our best!! Katie & Kelly

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