Okay, the first time we saw this at my mom’s house with our snobby New York City airs, we totally scoffed. But, then my wooden screen door warped to the point that it didn’t open and my next door neighbors’ is off its hinges as often as it is on. (Yes, we have a freakish NYC situation with a shared back “yard” and seven kids between us.) And when there is nice air to be had in this lovely city of ours I want to smell it! So, I broke down and bought one. And it changed my life.

There are no doors slamming, there are no nasty flies or mosquitoes in my kitchen, just sweet yummy Spring and Summer air. I don’t have the cats whining to get in and out and the same goes for my mom’s dog in Cleveland. In fact, Indy likes to lay down on the threshold, head out scouting for squirrels while her body stays nice and cool on the inside. And no nasty bugs.

It’s easy to put up, comes with a tension rod, and with some scouting on the Internet I found a place with custom sizes to fit the exact dimensions of your door so it doesn’t even really look like a gathered curtain. (I got mine from there actually) Pretty cool.

Good for everyone whose aesthetics aren’t bothered.