Santa's Seal of Approval Holiday Photo Cards, by Mandy GordonWe know. November does seem a bit early to be thinking about holiday cards and yes, usually those of us who start this early are “list wielding” Classics or Organic Structures and Smart Structures. But early starts don’t always have to do with planning and you can see why with these sites, Minted and Tiny Prints.

Gone are the days when you could just drop a photo into a paper frame card and call it a day. (Um, although we believe somewhere you still can.) But these designer based sites offer hip cool designs, all sorts of options for showcasing your exploits and the prices aren’t insane. So why should the Organic Freedoms and Smart Freedoms go here so early in the season? Because you know it will take you forever to decide which design to choose or which photos to use that by the time you actually order these babies the lights will be on at the Rockefeller Center tree. So yes, go explore right now and tell your list making friends you’re working on your holiday cards before, ahem, Thanksgiving.

Peace Love and Bop Holiday Photo Cards, by Alex Elko DesignI fear that the site might be too much choice for Funs to deal with. Also I fear it’s sometimes hard for you guys to pick out stuff online if you haven’t seen, or more importantly, felt the product before. While I can vouch for the quality of Tiny Prints basic paper, I’ll find out about Minted later this year. (Real Simple is touting them.) So unless you’re willing to weed through all these websites have to offer and take a chance on a sight unseen product (they DO have a good sorting mechanism) check out your local museum or stationery store.