Let me ask it a different way. Do you LOVE to cook? I, for one, do not. I just do it because I’m not the main bread winner (at this point that is, hopefully PixiesDidIt! will turn the tides for me). I make this point because unless something is your passion and gives you joy, doing it everyday doesn’t make a ton of sense.

Life is short. Do things you love. Yes, most Classic, Fun & Organic Structure will roll their eyes at the very thought of hiring out this task but we’ve found a couple of solutions that will help make this idea a reality for many. Our tip today is two fold (SeamlessWeb and Personal Chef to Go) because I haven’t tried the latter yet but it looks really cool. 

SeamlessWeb, is located in 12 US cities and London (yes, PixiesDidIt! is international now if you count my friend Xili and the guy who follows us on Twitter). I recently signed up for it for no apparent reason but it’s been a boon to me on my busy days when I have no desire to make dinner. Why? As a Classic, I hated the last minute nature of takeout. I always ordered when I was ALREADY hungry (read: Cranky) and then my husband and I would debate what restaurant to order from (which is funny because I don’t often ask his opinion when I cook dinner). Oy, I’m getting stressed just thinking about it. 

NOW, thanks to SeamlessWeb, on busy days, I order dinner in the morning or early afternoon and arrange for it to be delivered at dinner time. I don’t have to ask my husband what he wants because I save our previous orders and within a few clicks (credit card is saved on there as is my address and they send a confirmation email/receipt) I get dinner to us with no fuss.  

I realize that Classics like me plus Organic Structures and Funs might think that using a meal service is extravagant. But, unless you’re cutting coupons, Personal Chef to Go offers very reasonably price meals whether you’re single, a couple, or a family. Singles get 5 meals for $94.95, Couples get 10 meals for $125 and families get 16 meals for $85. Cheaper than take-out and probably better for you (they give you all of the ingredients and info you want). Smarts have the easiest time embracing the “hire it out” concept so this tip is really for you but I’m gonna try it … oh, gotta go, it’s 7:56pm and my dinner is arriving via SeamlessWeb as I type (and no I’m not BSing … that’s how good I am with timing these days!) 

Best for Smarts