Dear K&K: Wondering if you had any thoughts on the best resource for closets. My daughter moved to a new apt in Williamsburg last week. Great space, but bedroom has no closet. It’s not massive… 10×11, if even that. Trying to think out of the box a bit. Do you think there are options outside of IKEA that can work with someone’s small budget? I may help her out but as this is not her last dwelling, something practical would be best! She just moved in last Saturday but is surrounded by boxes. I think that novelty has worn off. Sincerely: Boxes in Brooklyn

Dear Boxes: Of course, we have a solution! Elfa’s basic closets are the bomb. Frankly, I’d probably install them in a permanent home too because they can change easily and I feel like my closet needs never stay the same forever. Anyway, you’d obviously SEE the clothes in her bedroom since she doesn’t have a closet but you could hang a top track on the ceiling for curtains like they have in hospital rooms for privacy.

Go to The Container Store (TCS) with the space dimensions including any architectural details or impediments. Next, tell them what you have clothes wise. I tell clients to literally measure the width (and length) of your hanging clothes to let them know how much long hang and short hang you need and what length each needs to be. Don’t forget to do the same for shoes. The closets are easily installed — I use TCS installation services but technically anyone can install them as it all hangs from one top track. The reason these closets are the bomb? TCS keeps a record of what you bought and when you move, you can easily bring the closet with you. I save whatever crappy closet the landlords had in there under a bed or in storage or back of a closet. After a move, you return to TCS with new closet dimensions and they can reuse a lot of what you already own. Hope that helps! Katie & Kelly

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