We know about Day-Timer because both our parents have used them for as long as we can remember. They even inspired me to get a Filofax, which at the time was more hip and much smaller. But now Day-Timer has all known shapes and sizes, both loose leaf and bound, with To Do lists, Monthly, Weekly, and Day calendars and lots of accessories. They also have beautiful and stylish covers and coordinating bags. Your choice: basic or fully loaded.

If I hadn’t switched over to online and PDA planning due to mother/entrepreneur necessity, I would be using one today. I wouldn’t be using all the options like my folks, but they are Organic Structure and Smart Structure, and there isn’t a better planner for this type. Why? Oh the monthly at a glance pages, the tabs, the to do lists on the same pages as appointments. It is a visual and structured diary for people who like to plan and don’t feel relaxed until their day is written down and then checked off.

Yes, this would be a fine solution for a Classic, but other diaries offer more detail (like diaries marked in 15 minute intervals! Oh my.) This solution is also good for overscheduled Organic Freedom and Smart Freedom types who haven’t switched to PDAs. Fun’s? They just wouldn’t get the picture.