Dear K&K: I think it’s time for some Christmas card culling. Our list has ballooned over the years, it’s crazy expensive and there are so many people we barely talk to anymore on it. My husband essentially wants to keep everyone. I think he has agreed to MAYBE one cut!!! Is there a way to communicate with him to get him to let go?  Signed: Hopeful in Hope 

Dear Hopeful: Culling is hard for Organics as well as for a few Classic Freedoms and Fun Freedoms. If he’s an Organic, try going the feelings route, e.g.,
“It hurtful that the Jamesons no longer send us a card yet we continue to send one to them.” Sometimes this can make more headway with Organics instead of just pointing out that you’re throwing away money by sending to people who are no longer in your life. If he’s a Classic Freedom or a Fun Freedom, you can try the emotional route. But I’d add in practical arguments such as, “If we can cut out 30 people, we will save $60.”

My final thought is that Christmas card culling is actually a delicate procedure. Before recommending the cuts, think about each suggestion or cut. Some people don’t send out Christmas cards but enjoy getting yours and might be hurt. If you’re a Smart, a Classic Structure, or a Fun Structure, you might not care. BUT, your spouse might. SO, make sure you’re not suggesting cutting one of your spouse’s old family friends. It’s easier to get anyone on board if you have a sane rationale for every cut.

Okay, my FINAL final thought … Minted has their Cyber Monday sale extended for Holiday cards until TODAY. Get on it! Seasons Greetings!!! Katie & Kelly

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