As a Classic, these were the easiest dream closets for me to pick out of Habitually Chic’s blog on said subject for obvious reasons. Ours are usually highly structured with a preference toward doors to cover the visual chaos that clothes can sometimes be — even when they’re somewhat color coordinated.

Yes, that’s right, even color coordinated clothes seem like visual clutter to my eye. I mean it’s a heck of a lot better than a kaleidoscope of different colored clothes thrown together, which is how my closet currently looks to me because I don’t have enough room or patience to do seasonal changes of my clothes so I’m always stuck wondering if I should do it by seasonal and then color or purely by color with the different season next to each other. These are the types of internal conversations that I have that I’m positive don’t weigh heavily on Smarts or Organic Freedoms. 

Okay so back to why I love Tory Burch’s closet beyond the doors that close off the clothes from the rest of the dressing room. I also love the color pallet, white with a splash of orange. Plus, her dresser isn’t super severe and means that I could live there. As a Classic Freedom, I have days where I’m tired and leave things out. I realize the items strewn on top of the drawers are done on purpose for the photo shoot but that’s how my dream dressing room would look like on most days. Classics are neat but we’re not all crazy neat or at least not ones raised by a Smart Structure and an Organic Structure.  

I think Aerin Lauder’s closet is my actual dream closet mainly because it just looks like a beautiful room and if she does have clothes in there, they must be stored through a trap door or perhaps she just summons someone with a button to bring her pre-selected outfit for the day. Now THAT’S a dream closet.