On the surface, today’s post is about classic holiday decor but it isn’t. It’s about how Classics approach holiday decor and well, life. If you’re not a Classic, you might wonder why on god’s green earth you should care how and why these folks approach holiday decor. It’s because Classics make up almost half of the population and are judgmental by nature therefore dictating a large amount of how the other half thinks they should do things.

The Day After Thanksgiving

Whenever society bemoans how Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year, I secretly think it’s us Classics who are to blame. We’re just trying to cross it off our list. I recently went to an old friend’s house the day after Thanksgiving and she had already festooned the ENTIRE property with every Christmas decoration you could imagine that exists on the correct side of tasteful. Notice my “subtle” Classic judgment there? For my friend, Christmas starts the day after Thanksgiving. Therefore, her decorations ALL go up that day. There’s no gradual. There’s no lingering process. She’s done and she can cross the task off of her To Do list so she could relax. It’s half of why Classics do the things we do. Once we’re done, we can relax.

It’s About Relaxing

I understood whence my friend was coming. (Yes, I just discovered the adverb whence and have been waiting to use it.) In early November, I asked my beloved sister-in-law for ideas for her boys for Christmas. Her reply was just basically incredulity that I would ask “so early” and then silence. She STILL hasn’t given me gift ideas. Sigh. Mind you, many Classics finish holiday shopping BEFORE November. Thanksgiving was late this year so I wanted to make sure I finished holiday shopping so that I could … relax and enjoy the holidays.

Classic Holiday Decor Lifestyle

Most of our differences in how we schedule and structure our lives is all about what relaxes us. For Classics, we relax after something is accomplished. Therefore, we’re driven to get things done for a few moments of relaxation on the endless treadmill of life. Others (i.e., my beloved sister-in-law) can relax without crossing off a To Do list item. Personally, I’ll never understand how this is possible, just as my sister-in-law will never understand how buying Christmas gifts in November is a form of relaxation for me. But, once you realize that early Classic holiday decor and preparation is just a physical manifestation what drives Classics, you might not be as annoyed the next time we ask for something too early. Is it too early to suggest buying proper Christmas storage bins? Ha, I kid, I kid.

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