Closet Organization Tips for Apartment Dwellers

Closet Organization Tips for Apartment Dwellers

If you have ever lived in an apartment, you know how limited space can be. And because it’s a rental you can’t really go knocking down walls or putting on additions in order to make more space. One of the most stressful parts about having such limited space, is storing all of your clothes. If you’re a fashionista you know how essential it is to have lots of closet space. So we’ve rounded up the best ideas for how to store your clothes with little to no closet space.

Before we get started, there are some things you should do to prepare. First, PURGE! I know it’s hard if you love clothes, but when you live in a small apartment you really need to cut down your wardrobe as much as possible. The best course of action to take when organizing your closet in an apartment, is striving for a minimalist look. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest and one of our favorites is doing a DIY open closet storage (more on that later.)

Now that you’ve purged and prepped, let’s get that closet organized!

Rethink Your Shelves

Rethink Your Shelves

Closets in apartments typically come with wire shelving. They can be useful for hanging items like belts and necklaces or for storing bulky sweaters up high in the summer, but they can also make a lot of spaces difficult to use and eventually go wasted. This can be kind of intimidating but if you can, don’t be afraid to remove them! Because most of these types of shelves are screwed into the wall they are pretty easy to take down. Removing these shelves can allow you to fit larger items, shoe racks, or rods for jackets. Just make sure you don’t toss them out after you remove them and keep the original hardware secured to the shelf so it can be easily re-hung before moving out!

Use Baskets

apartment closet organization: Use Baskets

Even if you are #blessed with adequate closet space and shelves in your rental unit, it can be difficult to keep everything orderly, especially when you have open shelves! Belts, linens, sweaters, seasonal items and more are best kept in bins and baskets. Storing them in a bin or basket not only prevents them from toppling (the biggest issue with stacking sweaters), but it will also give you the ability to utilize every inch of horizontal and vertical space between your shelves. The most important thing to remember about this method, is making sure your bins and baskets fit perfectly in these spaces. Measure the space before going out to Ikea or Container store. These opaque bins from Amazon can work for Classics and Funs. More open mesh or transparent ones are best for Organics and Smarts. Label them if you live with one additional person or even if you’re a Classic living alone. It’ll give you a random shot of secret joy.

As much as we all try to fight it, storing things under your bed happens. The trouble is that after you innocently start doing it, it becomes willy nilly and soon you can’t easily get to the things in the middle. Then you forget about those things and they collect a whole heck of a lotta dust. Plan for the inevitability of underbed storage by buying these underbed boxes with wheels. They’re awesome because their bendable lids mean you don’t have to pull them all the way out to get to half of the contents and they’re on wheels so they easily roll out.

Use Doors as Storage

apartment closet organization: Use Doors as Storage

Not enough space in your closet for a shoe rack, or bins for accessories? Use the door! Closet door shoe racks are the best option and they’re a functional way to store not only your shoes but accessories too. It’s best to use this method for things you wear and grab the most often. If you aren’t a fan of the over-the-door shoe organizers with canvas pockets, use command strips and hooks! This isn’t a great idea to do with your shoes, but is perfect for belts, scarves, and necklaces you want to store in this area.

Open Closet Storage

So what do you do when you have no closet at all? Open closet storage is the way to go! It looks great and makes your clothes more accessible than they would be folded in a drawer. Nothing gives you the bang for the buck like Elfa Closets at the Container Store. It’s our go to solution for clients because it’s customizable, changeable and easy to uninstall — seriously, I’ve uninstalled my fair share and I’m not exactly a master handyman. What is more, the Container Store saves your Elfa closet plan so that you can reuse parts if you move or want to change things. This means this closet system makes sense for owners and renters. You could bring it with you to your new place, return to the Container Store and they’ll re-customize a new closet for your new place using your existing parts and then add anything that is missing. It’s kind of amazing. Frugal Classics, Funs and Organic Structures will love the practicality of this system. If you’re searching for a higher end appearance, check out their deluxe options.

Want more organizational tips based on your personality? Buy the book here!

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