Classics and Organic Structure often do a LOT of things for themselves because it’s cheaper as they value their own labor at $0. It’s as if we’d never heard the old economic saying “Time = Money.”
Here’s the problem with this line of thinking, it means we don’t value our free time. We should. It’s often the difference between sanity and well, you know.
Smarts are the best at valuing their time.  And all types can take a lesson from them. Especially if you have the cash and are busy with other things. While hiring an actual personal assistant is beyond most of our budgetary capabilities and frankly, our needs, the new virtual assistants out there can seriously make your life easier.
The one I liked the best was Red Butler. For $36.95 a month, you get 40 requests and each time you request something, your account for the month goes down by 1 request. Send flowers and get a dinner reservation = 2 requests. And if you’re thinking it’s a waste of money, I’ll bet a lot of my own money that you could find a way to cut out $40 of extraneous expenses a month. Drop your land line at home or switch to a cable phone package and you’ve found $40.
We found a few other sites: Ask Sunday (seemed better for small business needs) & 2 Places at 1 Time (this one even had a special offer for Seniors living on their own so you can pay someone to refill your mom’s prescriptions).  

Best for Smarts