Dining Room Organization Tips for ENTP Personality Types (Pixie Type: Smart)

What exactly does a person need in order to organize a dining room, besides a table, chairs and a hutch? (This is a trick question, because the answer is… Nothing!) These items are all every personality type needs in order to function within this space. However, the way in which these things are set up is imperative when it comes to organizing by type (which is what we do). In this article, we’ll share some tips on dining room organization specifically for ENTP personality types (Smart pixie types). Hold onto your hats, folks: the results might just surprise you. Don’t know what your pixie type is yet? Get thee to our website, and take the PIxie Personality Quiz to find out!

What Is an ENTP (Pixie Type: Smart) Personality Type?

What Is an ENTP (Pixie Type- Smart) Personality Type

Also known as The Visionary, ENTP personality types focus on the outer world as a source of energy (Extraverted), use their intuition to extrapolate meaning from given information rather than just focusing on the facts at hand (Intuition), make decisions based on logic (Thinking) and are abstract thinkers, preferring to leave things up to possibility rather than nail things down (Perceiving). This Myers Briggs personality type possesses the following character traits:

  • Curious
  • Clever
  • Resourceful
  • Headstrong
  • Independent
  • Original
  • Inventive
  • Analytical
  • Ingenious
  • Abstract
  • Complex

Smart Pixie types correlate with ENTP Myers Briggs personality types, but because Pixie Types have more to do with the way certain personality traits manifest themselves organizationally, we will give an overview of the way these types generally operate in terms of home organization in the following paragraphs.

How ENTP (Pixie Type: Smart) Personality Types Organize

How ENTP (Pixie Type- Smart) Personality Types Organize

Because Smart pixie types are big picture, abstract thinkers, they often can’t be bothered with what they deem to be unimportant details. Because much of home organization rests on completing repetitive and mundane, detail-oriented tasks, Smart pixie types often need to delegate these tasks to someone else in order to maintain a smoothly-running household. Smart pixie types are natural leaders, and quite good at delegating. They like to have things out in the open as opposed to stored away or hidden from view, as they have very visual memories and need to see things in order to remember that they are there.

Some Smart types are detail-oriented and rely heavily on their day planners and calendars, while others don’t even try and bother with the details, preferring to put themselves into an assistant’s (or spouse’s) hands. Some of the more conscientious Smart pixie types finish what they start, while others prefer to finish things in the moment and when inspired. In general, Smart pixie types love making grand plans and have an almost eerie sense of what the ‘big picture’ should look like, making them invaluable when it comes to things like designing or decorating, and less involved when it comes to daily chores and organization.

Their organizational challenges include:

  • Overlooking minutiae
  • Holding onto seemingly innocuous clutter
  • Leaving their seemingly random piles everywhere
  • Failing to plan ahead
  • Becoming overwhelmed when it comes to organizing

ENTPs (Pixie Type: Smart) and Dining Room Organization

ENTPs (Pixie Type- Smart) and Dining Room Organization

Some pitfalls for ENTP personality types (Pixie Type: Smart) when it comes to dining room organization? Let’s begin with keeping what belongs in the dining room actually in the dining room, and keeping what belongs in the study or home office in that study or home office! This is one of the cardinal sins of dining room organization for this particular personality type, and this is why: ENTPs, or Smart pixie types, are notorious for leaving their stuff/piles in random places all over the house. This means that home office papers (and maybe even the laptop) could begin to bleed into the dining room unless they (and their housemates) are not careful. To put it succinctly, ‘Don’t work where you eat!’

One way to counteract this potential pitfall is to organize the entryway and home office FIRST. Make sure that you have systems in place in each of these spaces. This will ensure that home office items (laptop, paperwork piles, etc.) and entryway items (coats, shoes, etc.) remain in their proper places.

Another solid rule for ENTP personality types, or Smart pixie types to follow is to make sure their tables and chairs fit properly into the dining room space, giving them free range to move around within that space. Although, unlike Classic pixie types, these types do not require a formal dining room, it is still important that it function the way it is supposed to, as a home for a table, chairs, and a console or hutch.

In general, ENTP personality types (Smart pixie types) should adhere to the following when organizing their dining rooms:

  • Keep dining rooms filled with dining room items: a table, chairs, and hutch or open shelving.
  • If using a hutch, make sure it has glass paned windows, clearly indicating what is inside. Remember, Smart pixie types have visual memories, meaning they will forget about that special china if it’s stored away in a dusty, closed door cabinet.
  • Organize the entryway and home office first, ensuring that there are designated spaces for the appropriate items that live in each of these spaces.
  • Don’t work where you eat! NO home office items in the dining room — ever.
  • Have adequate storage for all dining room accoutrements: placemats, napkins, silverware, etc. If you choose to store china or dishes in the dining room, use open shelving or a hutch with windows.
  • Refrain from stuffing random clutter into the hutch. It will quickly become a place where clutter goes to die, a scenario that nobody wants.
  • Don’t put things on top of the hutch. This goes for all personality types as a big home design no-no.
  • Use low, flat bins that fit onto shelves to store things that you’ll need easy access to.

ENTP personality types might not be the best at remembering minute details, but as long as things are in their designated areas and in plain sight, the setup will make sense. One more thing: everyone, even non-ENTP/Smart personality types, need a dimmer switch in the dining room, for ambience’s sake. This type might be logical and analytical, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be romantic when and if the moment calls for it!

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