types will have all the tools they need for a successful Thanksgiving, but for those of you starting out for the first time, especially Organics & Smarts (not as good at the details as Funs and Classics can be) here’s a list of indispensable tools that will save the day.

A sieve. My first Thanksgiving I didn’t have a strainer for the gravy that ended up so lumpy there was barely any liquid.

A turkey baster. I don’t know how this got lost, but Organics and Smarts tend to lose little things (and blame other people, or maybe that’s just me?)

Kitchen Twine. My mom never did this on her turkey and, well, it wasn’t as moist as mine (Sorry, mom!). Tie up those legs and you’ll keep in the moisture.

Roasting Pan. I have one from my wedding, but the disposable ones at the grocery store will more than do (and the latter is a perfect solution for Organic Freedom and Smart Freedoms who might be overwhelmed by dishes at day’s end).

MSG-Free Chicken or vegetable stock. Organics tend to have finicky stomachs. Okay, maybe that’s stretching it a bit, but do your sensitive guests a favor and read the labels. Thanks!

Reynolds Wrap®. It helps keep everything warm as we gather everything together!

Butter. Stock can be substituted for a lot of the butter, but you’ll still need a lot of this golden treasure.

Thermometer. Don’t rely on that little red pop up thing. 165 in the thigh. It rhymes for a reason.

Ask for help. Thanksgiving is a collaborative event! So, ask for help and delegate to your nearest and dearest (are you listening perfectionist Classics, this means you!) And if your neighbors are out of town, ask to borrow their oven for the turkey. It makes life so much easier! If you run out of something, be old fashioned, ask your neighbor if they can spare some flour, butter, sugar, salt, etc…