Ornament Branch White, Holiday CardI admit it. During my first months of wedded bliss I was a little hurt when my new sister-in-law didn’t sign her Christmas card. But for personality types who make decisions based on subjective value systems — Organics, Fun Freedom and Classic Freedom — my disappointment was pretty normal, if a bit self-involved. Since I was raised to believe you had to sign the card to show you care, it took my own subjective experiences of an exhaustive motherhood to help me let go of my belief that signing a card equals care and attention.

When it comes to signing holiday cards or hand addressing them, for half the types out there, logic doesn’t enter the picture — until you have a full time job, two kids and a husband with too many friends or you are exhausted beyond belief by your own specific mayhem. So for you tired Organics, Fun and Classic Freedoms, and for those of you who have the privilege of making decisions based on logic and facts — Smarts (for a reason), Fun and Classic Structures —then I have the best resource for you. Cardstore.commmp_0145_0

For about the same price as Minted or Tiny Prints, you can create a custom card, and they will address, stuff, stamp and send them out on your behalf. I know! You can do as little or as much as you want. But we should all heed the logic in taking full advantage of such a service and make it perfectly normal to just send a card, especially if you’ve gone to all the trouble to customize it! Life should be easy and Cardstore.com definitely helps.

Best for Smarts, Funs, and Classic Structures

Good for All types