Download It for Goodness Sake of you may be wondering what Craigslist has to do with downloading music & movies. Simple. It’s a cheap labor source for someone to download FOR you (that is if you don’t have ready access to cheap teenage labor). We are here to implore you to do the easy thing and transfer all your DVDs, CDs and LPs onto your computer and iPod. Actually an external hard drive would probably be the better source so it doesn’t bog down your computer memory. Or even an offsite place like Mozy because hard drives sometimes fail.

Why should you do this? First, CDs and LPs take up a lot of valuable real estate. Second, unless you don’t own/use an Ipod/MP3 player, you probably don’t use them much in their current physical form. With downloading you could have your entire media library in the palm of your hands.

Now, this idea will not work for Smarts and Funs who care about audio quality, (MP3’s compress the music, and for audiophiles, they do not compare to CDs) but for those of who don’t notice the difference (and its very hard to tell unless you care about such things) get going. You can do it yourself (Classics and Organic Structures will be the first, Funs will be the last). You can also pay someone to do it (Smarts will be the first to write this check). There are a couple of sites that offer this service (you can Google it), but nothing stood out to us when we researched it and as we said above, probably easiest just to hire someone reliable but cheap to do it for you (although with LPs, you probably have to use a service unless you have a mini recording studio of your own.)

You’ve transferred it and now you need to get rid of everything. First, you can donate them. Second, you could sell them and technically, you could just throw them out. But, we know this will offend ZILLIONS of people so we are NOT telling you to do the latter.  Classics are the most likely to sell them. I have a friend (I suspect he is a Classic) who downloaded his at night, listed them on Amazon and then during lunchtime would take them to the post office. He made $500 but I never asked him if he netted out shipping fees or valued his time at more than $0. Even as a Classic myself this download/list for sale thing sounded like a part-time job to me. Perhaps I’ll see if my babysitter wants to earn some extra cash! Katie, my Organic Freedom sister, actually put hers in binders, throwing away all the jewel cases. They are her back up storage and don’t take up very much room.

Best for all