Entryway Goals for ENFJ Personality Type (Pixie Type: Organic)

Your entryway is essentially the ‘first impression’ room for your house. It sets the organizational tone, and gives guests an idea of who you are and what you prioritize. Considering that it is also the last room you are in before leaving the house, it also has to be functional! How many of us have spent agonizing minutes hunting for keys in this room on our way out the door? (No shame, though- most of us have been there.) So not only is it important for your entryway to look nice, but it also has to be a place where retrieval can happen easily. For those of you who don’t know, retrieval is the key to being organized, and can be defined as the ability to locate things when you need them, easily and without fuss.

What defines “functional” is different for each personality type. Here we will breakdown the best way ENFJs (Pixie Type: Organic) can turn their entryway into Pinterest-worthy #goals!



The Myers Briggs system was integral in our creation of the four pixie types, and it is important to understand their meaning and how that manifests itself when it comes to organizing your entryway. There are 16 different Myers Briggs personality types, all identified by different letter combinations. These letters are: E/I, S/N, T/F, and J/P. They stand for Extraversion versus Introversion, Sensing versus Intuition, Thinking versus Feeling, and Judging versus Perceiving.

ENFJ stands for Extraversion, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging. Traits of ENFJ personality types are:

  • Tolerant
  • Reliable
  • Charismatic
  • Altruistic
  • Natural Leaders
  • Selfless
  • Idealistic



Organics love to be surrounded by beloved items, and have a very difficult time letting go of things with sentimental value. This can result in a lot of clutter and unnecessary items with little to no real function. Organics also possess visual memories and like to keep things out in the open, which helps them to orient themselves. They gravitate towards anything with an open top, or storage that is transparent. They are not the most detail-oriented type, and have a tendency to pile things at random. However, their biggest organizational stumbling block is overthinking organizational projects, which is where we come in!



So what is the best way for an ENFJ to organize their entryway?

  • Formalize And Contain- Either get a small table, or use the closest available surface to contain the piles you create naturally. It’s best to use an area that you already put stuff on, and repurpose it. Use an open bowl or tray, whatever’s needed to keep everything in sight and in order.
  • Don’t Use Key Hooks- When it comes to Organics (ENFJs) a small ceramic bowl or leather valet tray to drop your keys into is best. Hanging keys on a hook is a two-step process which does not bode well for ENFJs. The simpler and easier, the better.
  • Stay Away From Coat Racks- In the same vein as key hooks, a coat rack just won’t work for an ENFJ. You will likely end up piling every piece of outerwear you own onto it, making it difficult to find an item when you want to wear it again. It’s best to hang coats in a closet where they are easier to retrieve.
  • Shoes- Trying to line up your shoes is a waste of an Organic’s time as they are going to end up in a pile near the door anyway. Invest in shoebins that are transparent and keep them in your closet for easy access.


  • Purge! You’ll see this one a lot with us. No matter how you slice it, it’s easier to be organized when you have less ‘stuff’ floating around. We know this is especially hard for ENFJs since they are more attached to their possessions than other types, but we believe they can learn this skill or learn to ask for help with it!
  • Get some matching coat hangers– and we don’t mean the wire ones you get from the dry cleaners! Ikea has some great wooden hangers that are sturdy and won’t break the bank. Grab a few bunches of those and watch as your closet transforms from cluttered to clean lines.
  • Measure each and every nook and cranny of the hallway closet to make sure the bins you purchase will fit into the allotted space. The use of bins will prove intensely helpful for all types. Shoe bins should line the bottom of the closet, while bins for hats, gloves and the like will be useful on the top shelf.
  • Get into the habit of labeling your stuff and where it belongs.
  • Buy bins and label them. Make sure to measure your closet before buying said bins. These can be for hats, gloves, scarves, accessories, etc., and can be a HUGE help in staying organized.

You can get more tips on organizing your entryway in our book, available on Amazon!

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