Facebook Marketplace and the Second Hand Purchase

There’s nothing like having a brand new house and nothing with which to fill it. In fact it’s a whole lot of empty nothing. Luckily, in these continuing to be very lean times, there’s lots of ways to get more stuff without having to pay a top premium.  I’ve been busy over the last few years in trying out the new ways to be thrift in these continuing to be lean, yet technologically advanced times.

Shop Local

It started slowly. After I moved into my first new house, neighbors told me about this local Jewish second hand store called Thriftique. At my first visit I came home with two side tables and two newly upholstered antique accent chairs. Around this time I noticed that Facebook had a new Marketplace feature and I started looking obsessively for a new dining room table and chairs. For less than $250 bucks ladies and gentlemen you can have a new dining room set complete with buffet and tables and CHAIRS. You can spend a lot more if you like, but dining room tables are only the tip of the iceberg.


Shop Facebook

While I’m still looking for new dining room furniture, the first thing I bought was a $35 dollar electronic keyboard and stand. I had to drive 45 minutes away, but even factoring in the gas, it was priceless to stoke my 12 year old daughter’s dream to learn how to play the piano. I guess I’m paying a lot more what with $20 dollars a week for lessons, but not having to invest in a new piano, or even in the effort involved with moving a used and often free piano to my home, I’m grateful.  Also I got to visit this sweet little town in Ohio with the quintessential small town square pavillion, and lovely little shops all around.

Medina Small Town Pavilion

Shop Thrifty

It was a while before I was able to make my next purchase. But when I did I went a little mad. I had looked at rugs before and had priced them well. When I saw a brown and tan rug available for $100 bucks I pounced. This time my purchase took me to a settlement of apartment buildings in Solon Ohio. The next one was closer to home in my hometown of Shaker Heights, Ohio and what appeared to be a green and white lattice rug for $100. When I got it home, I discovered it was wool. Boom! I scored.

Even Introverts Can Haggle

My last purchase on Facebook Marketplace was two 8 x 10 shag rugs that were barely used and bought from Home Depot within the last year. She was asking for $150 each. Since I was already getting the same size rugs for $100 I offered $150 for both. What’s the worst that could happen? She could say no. Or she could counter. And she did, both for $220. I was all in. A forty minute drive to Hudson and these babies were mine. Perfect for my bedroom and my basement rec room.

Slowly, I’ve been filling my house up with old sofas, tables and rugs and I’ve been doing it at the tenth of what I would be paying at retail. I also joined a local hand me down site and have a circa 80’s free sofa bed. I’ve become a bargain hunting savant. And because of technology I don’t have to do any of the haggling in person. It’s an introverts dream.

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