I’m just a simple Classic girl from Cleveland with a taste for Champagne and … First Class. Now, despite my ‘disadvantaged’ start living in the mistake on the lake (I prefer to call it a hidden gem), I’ve had the good fortune to fly First Class for business reasons a plethora of times and a few times for personal trips using miles.

Oh, and once, clearly only by an act of God, I got mistakenly upgraded to First Class International. For those of you who haven’t flown it, First Class International makes you feel like you are in the equivalent of airplane heaven. But, apparently there are ways (other than random acts of god) to get First Class seats for reasonable prices. An online subscription service name First Class Flyer tells you how.

One of our Smart friends told us about it and he already did the math for you (and me). If you make at least two trips a year where you’ll want to fly first class then the subscription is right for you. It costs about $100/year.

And although a Smart told us about it, we think bargain hunting Funs and Classics will thrive using the service because they openly say that implementing their tips takes footwork, i.e., details that these types will attend more easily than others. Our Smarts probably already know about this because they disdain coach more than any other type, and will do anything, even paying for it, to fly first class.  

Best for Smarts and good for Classics & Funs