Image of Fixed Ripped DuvetDear K&K: My son’s duvet cover is ripped in two different places. They’re a few years old but I can’t believe I’d have to replace them already. Is there an easy way to fix a ripped duvet cover? I should add that I am not handy in any way whatsoever. Or am I resigned to biting the bullet and getting a new one? Signed: ARGH! in Arkansas

Dear ARGH!: We feel your pain. Kelly especially feels your pain because she has three boys which means she does a LOT of replacing furnishing items before she thought she’d have to do so. Luckily, there IS an easy way to fix your duvet cover. It will not be perfect but it will be serviceable. We say this because some Classics might find the imperfect end product not good enough. Perhaps a few Funs. However, everyone else, especially Organics and Smarts will like this solution. Iron-on mending tape.

Before you panic, it takes almost no skill whatsoever. It takes an iron and something resembling an ironing board and scissors. First, lay the mending tape over the rip, cut it to size. Then with the duvet inside out, put the two pieces of ripped fabric nicely together, put the side down that has the adhesive and iron it on to the duvet. Turn it right side out and you’ll see it’s pretty hard to notice the rip. And that our friends is how you quickly fix a ripped duvet cover. Ta-Da!  All our best, Katie & Kelly

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