Dear K & K: I’m a Smart Freedom who recently bought a used set of drawers for my bedroom. Alas, there is a musty old smell inside. Probably has had lots of old clothes in it for years. Sort of like at your grandmother’s house where the same things have been in the drawers for about 40 years. So the question is, is there something I can do to help the odor dissipate besides just airing them for a month? Is there a spray that does more than just cloak the odors? Signed: Why oh why Wyoming.

Dear Why: Yes, you need white vinegar, baking soda and a little elbow grease. Mainly, clean the drawers thoroughly and then have them sit in the sun for a while. Martha Stewart advises wiping down with water/vinegar solution then putting a sealed plastic container full of white vinegar with holes poked on the top of the lid in each drawer overnight to soak up the remaining smells (featured photo). Although, I’ve read other blogs telling you to put bowls on baking soda in each drawer overnight (or a few days) to soak up the smell. Most blogs offer a combo of Martha’s advice, washing with Murphy’s oil soap, putting on a wood conditioner and then exposing the drawers to sunlight. Whatever you decide, pick the easiest route first. Hope that helps! Katie & Kelly

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