When it comes to scheduling, there are two kinds of people — planners and trackers. The planners like to look at their week and schedule their world. They thrive on To Do lists, and feel best when they can cross stuff off. These would be the Classics, Organic Structures and Smart Structures.

Trackers like to live in the moment, taking each day as it comes, getting things done when they’re moved. They only need a planner to keep track of their plans. These would be the Fun types and the Organic Freedoms and Smart Freedoms

So it makes sense that a tool that would work best for the Trackers of the world would be called Quo Vadis, Latin for “Where are you going?” This is a question that most Funs thrive on, even if they’ll never tell you. They ARE going somewhere, and it’s cool, and yes, you want to be there.

While the Quo Vadis planners work fine for Organic Freedoms and Smart Freedoms, it’s best for Funs. Quo Vadis has different layouts, but their week-on-two pages has room for a compartmentalized To Do list — email, phone, see/do, write, pay. It’s very practical and Funs adore putting little things in their proper little homes. It’s something they share with Classics. The To Do list is too limiting for Organics and Smarts.

The reusable leather covers come in fun, hip colors and all known sizes and formats. It’s small and easy to tote, lays flat, and more than enough room to keep track of your busy and fabulous life.