Dear K & K: I think I’m an Organic Structure and use an electronic calendar on my Mac. But, I can’t quite cut the cord with my paper calendar yet because it no longer has the functionality for To Do items. Is there an online calendar you recommend so I can go fully digital? Signed, Annoyed in Annapolis.

Dear Annoyed: Technically, since you’re an Organic Structure — visual with your memory — the best thing for you is to use a paper calendar instead of a computer. That being said, we realize paper doesn’t have the functionality of inviting people to meetings and syncing calendars that makes life SO much easier to plan these days. And as two brilliant women once said, Life Should Be Easy. By the way, Apple’s move to get rid of the To Do list made no sense to either of us.

We’ve got two ideas for you. First, checkout would be Wunderlist because you can get it to sync up with everything do a bunch of lists and To Dos. It’s free but there are in app purchases. Also, Google’s schedulers pretty great and free. Finally, it’s okay to have paper and digital. Sometimes the act of writing helps some of us REMEMBER and that alone makes life easier. All our best: Katie & Kelly


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