Dear K&K: I was thinking of asking a group of mom friends/acquaintances to go in on a group gift for a fellow mom who is about to have a baby. Is it okay to ask for money even if not everybody financially can contribute to the gift? Baby Showering in Biloxi.

Dear Baby Showering: Of course, it’s okay to ask if people want to do a group gift. If you ask via email and use a blind copy email list, those that don’t want to contribute can ignore your email or pretend they “missed” it. In addition, if you make it easy to collect money by giving your Venmo information then people can give money at whatever level fits their budget without the hassle of getting you physical cash. If you don’t have the app. then download it, it makes life SO much easier for these sorts of expenditures. All our best! Katie & Kelly

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  • You may be interested in my website that makes it easy to create a baby quilt with a group of people. The site is actually designed for that. Each person contributes $35 per square and you need 20 squares to complete the project. All is done online and the quilt coordinator sends an email out to a large group of people-it is up to the individual whether they want to participate or not. The cool thing is that it is a completely customized quilt-each person choosing an inspirational quote for their square and paying for it separately -so you don’t have to collect money!


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