Usually, I say all home made Valentine’s day things are for Classics or Organic Structures, but this one might work for any whimsical type — Funs and even Organic Freedoms. Hey, even Smarts CAN do crafts if there’s a compelling reason (like occupying your kids for an hour.)

And here’s a compelling and great idea for these fiscally responsible times. Go through your junk drawer, yes all types have one, and take the opportunity to make romantic art, and hey, while you’re at it, throw the rest of the junk out!

No, but seriously, this New Use for an Old Thing idea from Real Simple is spot on, especially the week before V-Day. “Paint samples, playing cards, sponges, sugar packets, matches…Dead AAA batteries (‘I get a charge out of you’), old lollipops (‘I’m a sucker for you’), stray keys (”the key to my heart’).”

Usually, I would say this is too big of a project for Organic Freedoms, but I have to say I have ALL of the supplies they recommend cluttering up my kitchen as we speak…”construction paper (check) scissors (check) markers (check), tape (check), X-Acto blade (check), large-eyed needles and strong thread (or dental floss), (random, but check!), doilies (maybe), ribbon saved from the last party (yeah, maybe even this!).”

So give it a go. Your honey will appreciate the thought and if you have kids, it will be fun for them too. A true scavenger hunt of love!