How INFJ Personality Types (Pixie Type: Organic) Reorganize Their Living Rooms

Some types have the luxury of using their living room as a family room and a more general, multi-purpose living space, but INFJ personality types (pixie type: Organic) are not one of them. Because this personality type often struggles with organizing extraneous (but meaningful!) items (some might call it, ‘clutter’), the more strict the room’s parameters, the better. In other words, keep the living room a true living room area. If you have children, make sure the toys are contained in matching bins. And keep the home office somewhere else!

INFJ (Pixie Type: Organic) Personality Types: An Overview

INFJ (Pixie Type- Organic) Personality Types- An Overview

If you are familiar with Myers Briggs personality typing, you will know what INFJ means. However, if you need a refresher or are not familiar with this type of personality categorization, here is a quick and dirty overview:

The Myers-Briggs personality typing system was developed in the 1940’s by Isabel Briggs Myers and her mother, Katharine Briggs. They based their model on the Jungian theory of personality. There are 16 Myers Briggs types, made up of combinations of four different letters each. The first letter represents which ‘world’ a person prefers: inner or external. Contrary to popular belief, introverts and extraverts are not just people who like to be alone or like to be around others, respectively. Rather, introverts tend to enjoy spending time in their inner worlds, and extraverts enjoy time spent in the external world. The second letter represents how each personality processes information, and whether they use intuition or sensing. The third letter refers to how someone makes decisions, whether they are based on feeling or thinking. Finally, the last letter refers to the way each personality deals with the outside world, and the structure they adhere to.

In the case of an INFJ, the letters are as follows:

I- Introvert (meaning they favor spending time in their inner world)

N- Intuition (meaning they process information by extrapolating meaning from the facts)

F- Feeling (meaning they make decisions based on emotions)

J- Judging (meaning they impose structure on to the outside world by looking at facts and logic)

Some personality traits of INFJ types are as follows:

  • Intense
  • Serious
  • Insightful
  • Creative
  • Sensitive
  • Inspiring
  • Vision and meaning-oriented
  • Caring
  • Intuitive
  • Complex

Some Organics use day planners and calendars to successfully organize their lives; for others, this is a waste of time.

We created pixie types that were loosely based on Myers Briggs types, but we categorized them by their organizational tendencies. Meaning, we focused on personality, but only as it related to the way each type prefers to organize. Therefore, Organic pixie types are much like INFJ Myers Briggs types, just put into the context of organization. Here are some of the traits of Organic pixie types: (Don’t know your type yet? Jump on our website and take our Pixie Personality Quiz to figure it out. Trust us, it will make organization that much easier.)

Organic types tend to:

  • Become easily overwhelmed by organizational projects, particularly big ones
  • Have the hardest time (out of all four pixie types) getting rid of clutter
  • Hold onto sentimental items forever
  • Like things out in the open vs. hidden
  • Have visual memories
  • Not always be hip to minor details
  • Make piles

Some Organics use day planners and calendars to successfully organize their lives; for others, this is a waste of time. Some are more practical, giving a sense of order to their chaos; others are not. The challenges that Organic pixie types face are: random piles that become overwhelming, refusing to prune or purge items they deem important, ignoring details, forgetting about things that are hidden or tucked away, procrastinating, and becoming overwhelmed by big household organizing projects.

Living Room Rules for INFJ Personality Types (Pixie Type: Organic)

Because clutter is more difficult for INFJ (Organic pixie types) personality types to purge and keep organized, it is very important that the living room NOT be a multi-purpose area. Can you imagine what might happen if an Organic pixie type had his or her home office in a corner of the living room? Eventually, what with the piles and papers and tchotchkes, the boundaries between home office and living room would blur, and it would become a true mess. Here are some solid rules to follow if you’re an INFJ (Organic pixie type) who is reorganizing the living room:

  • Go big with storage: This means basically, to have many (open!) storage options. ‘Open’ because these types need to see things in order to remember them.
  • Curate collections: By ‘collections’ we mean, ‘stuff’. We know if you are an Organic pixie type that you have a myriad of sentimental items that you are loathe to purge. Therefore, develop a strategy to impose some sort of order. Put pictures together, organize the books you absolutely need to keep (hardcovers only!) and keep like amongst like.
  • Get some floor-to-ceiling bookshelves for your tchotchkes: these will give you more than enough space to house your (curated!) collections.
  • Recruit a Type A friend to come over and help you purge.
  • Keep storage visible.
  • Slim down your photo and music collections by digitizing what you are able to.
  • Create a gallery wall with the remaining photos that you like to see each day.

If you are an INFJ or Organic pixie type and you adhere to these simple rules, your living room will look and feel much better. Although the prospect of organizing can be daunting for this type, getting it done (your way) will make a huge difference in the long run.

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