How to Keep Your Pet Supplies Organized

Every Pixie Type agrees, our pets are like members of our family! But, like any member of the family, their stuff can multiply and create clutter very quickly. There are ways to tame the pet-related clutter whether you have a cat, dog, or a smaller pet! Check out these tips for organizing pet supplies!

Cat and Dog Supplies

Have a Walking Station

Have a Walking Station: Every dog owner knows the importance of a good walk! But the gear you need can take up a lot of space. There are more options than ever for dog owners when it comes to leashes, harnesses, and leads. You also need to make sure you have baggies for pet waste, treats to keep them from going after squirrels, and (for nighttime walks) a flashlight. Set up a walking station near your door to keep all of these items. You can use hooks to hang leashes and harnesses but if you don’t like the look of clutter, keep all of these things in a cute tote bag and hang that on the hooks. If you want, you can add some additional bins and caddies for other grooming supplies and extra baggies or treats.

Have a Litter Station

Have a Litter Station: In the same way that dogs collect a lot of gear for walking, cats do the same with their litter and accessories. So the same idea applies here as this is the most disorganized area of a cat owner’s home. First, start with the little scoop. While some litter boxes have a scoop hanger on the side or bins on one end of the box where you can store your scoop and bags, some don’t have these features. If that is the case, you can purchase a scoop that comes with its own stand, or you can keep them in their own drawer. If you use plastic grocery bags for litter box waste keep those on hand by mounting a dispenser to the wall or in a nearby closet. If you want to keep both of these things in one place for convenience, get a plastic organization caddie that will hold litter scoops and bags and other items like air freshener or litter additive. You can also get a large, clear bin to keep them in along with extra litter. Tie the space altogether by getting a litter mat. It keeps the area looking nice and prevents your cat from tracking litter through the house.

Keep Toys in One Place: Dog people and cat people both agree that pet toys add up quickly and usually end up everywhere! A good thing to do is to keep all of your pet’s toys in one large and convenient storage container. Make sure it has an open top so it is easy for pets to retrieve them. You can even choose a bin that fits the decor of your space, like a basket or fabric box. Or you can go with a pet-themed box like a giant bone for a dog or this cute kitty shaped wicker basket from Pottery Barn. Having one central location to store your pet’s toys makes it easier for you to know what you have and be able to quickly see and discard broken toys.

Fish, Hamsters, Rabbits Oh My!

If you thought cats and dogs had a lot of supplies, small pets like fish, hamsters, and rabbits have double that!

If you thought cats and dogs had a lot of supplies, small pets like fish, hamsters, and rabbits have double that! Your best bet here is to keep all of these supplies in one easy to access location. If you have the space for it, try getting a small closet or bookcase to keep everything organized. If you are tight on space, clear storage bins work just as well. Rabbits, hamsters, and guinea pigs come not only with food and toys, but additional bedding for their cages and special hay and alfafa for chewing. And if you have fish, you have even more gear as cleaning a fish tank requires more equipment, and you need things for your tank like special lights and filters, on top of their food.

You can spend a pretty penny on a contractor building you a custom storage space for your small pet supplies but nothing gives you the bang for the buck like Elfa Closets at the Container Store. It’s our go-to solution for clients because it’s customizable, changeable and easy to uninstall — seriously, I’ve uninstalled my fair share and I’m not exactly a master handymen. What is more, the Container Store saves your Elfa closet plan so that you can reuse parts if you move or want to change things. This means this closet system makes sense for owners and renters. You could bring it with you to your new place- return it to the Container Store and they’ll re-customize a new closet for your new place using your existing parts and then add anything that is missing. It’s kind of amazing. Frugal Classics, Funs, and Organic Structures will love the practicality of this system and it makes reaching for new bedding and fish tank filters so easy! If you’re searching for a higher end appearance, check out their deluxe options.

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