Keeping It Clean & Tidy: It’s Different for Every Type

When it comes to keeping your home tidy and clean, it drives us crazy when the suggestions are generic and geared towards “busy” Classics. Meaning that Classics do this stuff without thinking unless they’re crazy busy. And of course it’s a great idea if you schedule cleaning tasks, clean the kitchen as you go, make sure everything has a home. But only Classic Structures and Fun Structures are going to have an easy time having less stuff. And Funs will have a hard time scheduling cleaning tasks.

Classics and Funs Have It Easy

When it comes to personality type, in general, Classics and Funs have an easier time being tidy and clean whereas Organics and Smarts have a harder time. But when it comes to scheduling chores, Funs won’t have an easy time of it, and neither will Organic Freedoms or Smart Freedoms. So what advice should you follow if you’re itching to have a tidier and cleaner home?

As a rule, Classics can follow any generic tidy and clean advice they find on the web (exceptions for Classic Freedoms who have major trouble letting go of stuff). Funs for the most part can too, except they need to throw out any suggestions to schedule or routinize a task. You guys are the bomb when it comes to taking care of things in the moment and that oft cited “Clean the kitchen as you go” is a no duh for you.

It’s Harder for Organics and Smarts

The less tidy types like Organic Structures and Smart Structures can follow advice that would work for Classics, while Organic Freedoms and Smart Freedoms need to follow their time challenged Fun brothers. No scheduling or routines for you, but chopping things down into step by steps, and staying on top of things the minute you start to see clutter creep is essential.

Don’t Forget to Get Rid of Stuff

Everyone needs to make sure that everything has a place or a home, as THAT is the key to staying organized and making tidiness keep. Another universal is to, sigh, get rid of stuff. It’s not easy, but having less stuff to keep tidy makes life so much easier. And it can be a one time purge whose dividends keep giving. Frankly it’s probably the hardest thing for practical Classics and Funs who are loathe to throw anything out that MIGHT come in handy ONE DAY…(although all types are guilty!

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