Bins on top of bins … happens to everyone.

Dear K&K: My kids’ toys are chaos. They’re an absolute mess. What’s the best solution toy solution out there? Signed: Hopeful in Houston.

Dear Hopeful: The best solution for kids’ toy chaos depends on what storage solutions you already have on hand. Hence why the end result will always vary. However, the best toy solutions always start with our 1-Step rule. You want to make whatever solutions you create to adhere as close as possible to the 1-Step rule. The goal is to make it as easy as possible to grab and store the toys and to grow as your child grows. Most often this means using a combination of shelves and bins to facilitate easy retrieval. We love Elfa shelves as pictured because they’re versatile and easy to change-up to keep kids’ toy chaos at bay.

Always go vertical, folks, ALWAYS.

When setting up any system, ask yourself, how many steps does it take for you or your child to grab the toy? If it takes you 4-Steps to get the toy out, your kids will not play with the toy that much. If you shove your kids toys in miscellaneous bins, most of those toys will just sit around. On the other hand, if you make a system where grabbing a toy is just a 2-Step process, then your kids will likely use those 2-Step toys most.

Finally, there are times when more steps are warranted. We reserve 4+Step processes for things you don’t want kids to access easily like paint or complicated craft projects. Hope that helps Hopeful! Katie & Kelly

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