It is humorous to me, an Organic Freedom, arguably the most “relaxed” type there is, to see that the most fastidious types — Classics and Funs — would have such a glaring and obvious difference between them. All types can become clutter hoarders, but something would have to be seriously wrong with a Fun or Classic for their house to get DIRTY. But being on time even when work isn’t on the line? That is the purview of only one type.

And that would be Classics. While both Classics and Funs are practical creatures, only Classic have the need to structure their outside world, and therefore time. Society’s numbered lists, appointments, and reservations, and the ubiquitous clock were created by the Classic, who outnumber all the other types by about 3 to 1. They are the standard by which all the rest of us fall short. And when it comes to being on time, Funs fall the hardest.

I love that I’m not as bad at being on time as Funs. I know that sounds naughty but as an Introverted Organic Freedom, I am a woefully underrepresented minority (read: Different from most people) and being on time isn’t a naturally, strong trait of mine. BUT, I have taught myself how to be on time because of my Classics sister, my Smart Freedom Broadcaster husband (being on time didn’t come naturally to him, but because his passion is broadcasting and to be late means dead air, which means fired, he is on time.) I have learned to be pretty good about being one time.

But Funs? Yeah, they use all their wherewithal to be on time for work, or for picking up their kids. Social time is their time, so they’re usually going to be late. Seriously. I had a lovely Fun friend who got so into making my wedding present that she MISSED my wedding. I know. But they’re FUN! They’re dynamic and come up with the coolest ideas for socializing so they are usually forgiven (and often their invites are what a Classic would call ‘last minute’, i.e., one week in advance).

So if you have a great fastidious partner, who is totally “together” in so many ways (clean dishes, finances in order, always good at finding a bargain) consider yourself lucky and let time be time. Also, always give them a half an hour buffer. Seriously, the white lie of time is crucial. Show starts at 8pm? Tell them 7:30. Keep the love flowing.