If you’re sick of your huge planner or keep forgetting to sync your smart phone, then consider this little pocket diary. Both my sister, a Classic and I an Organic Freedom used them happily for a number of years. They are so small, they not only fit in your purse, they fit in your wallet! You can keep track of the days by ripping out the dotted corner on the top, or use the handy ribbon to keep your place. You can even have your name printed on the cover each year.

There is a place in the back for numbers, addresses and notes and while my Classic sister dutifully copied them down each year, I just left them blank. When it comes to personal organizers, all the different types can and do use the same tools; we just tend to use them differently.

This little book might also be good for Funs who tend to forget things and have trouble being on time for social events. They’d need to get in the habit of looking at it, but since it’s easy to keep the book with them, it might just work (especially if you set an alarm to shoot you a text or email to remind you to do so!).

The planners of the world — Classics, Organic Structure and Smart Structure — just pack way too much into a day for this planner to be that useful. And they’d need something separate for to do lists and Organic Structure and Smart Structure might miss a monthly or yearly overview page.