Dear K&K: I’m an Organic Structure or rather, in between an Organic Structure and an Organic Freedom. I’ve been trying to get in shape before my wedding. But, I’m not. I would’ve thought my wedding would motivate me. It hasn’t. How do you make getting fit easier??? Any suggestions on how to motivate my personality type? Signed: Effianced in Epernay.

Dear Effianced: First, convenience isn’t the answer. Do not go out and buy a treadmill, put it in your bedroom and think this will permanently inspire you. It’ll become a clothing rack before you ever get into shape. Perhaps you’ve tried something similar and it failed along with others. However, I’m betting you haven’t tried this one: a workout buddy.

All Organics need a workout buddy. Someone who shares your goal/dream and you’ll hold each other accountable. Organics will play a good game for a little while but without a buddy, you’re going to stop. Now, don’t fear if you don’t have this type of buddy. This role can take on a myriad of forms. It can be a friend. Alternatively, it can be an online fitness coach you pay to hold you accountable. Heck, it could be your therapist. Just make sure you really like whoever this buddy is and they’re someone you don’t want to disappoint.

Organics are always in pursuit of deeper meaning and connection with people. Getting fit just isn’t that worthwhile of a goal to many Organics in the end of the day. There is nothing seemingly more vapid and almost narcissistic than toning your body at a gym. However, it IS important to stay fit. Doing so will potentially make life easier as we age and lose muscle mass. Knowing this isn’t enough, however, as Organics still may find something more fulfilling to do than hitting the gym after work— helping a friend etc.

Finally, you’re not alone. everyone has different motivations. Classics and Smart Structures need to create a plan and incorporate it into their schedule as a weekly To Do. The best bet is to follow a plan online like Beachbody on Demand or hire a trainer. Once it’s on a Classic’s or Smart Structure’s To Do list, it’s harder to ignore. Funs and Smart Freedoms? It’s all about well, fun. Make getting fit, fun. Make it an activity you love and you’ll do it. Thereby, making it easier.Also, switch it up sometimes. The same routine will get old fast. You can also check out this great book on exercise and type: 8 Colors of Fitness. Hope that helps! All our best, Katie & Kelly

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