Easiest way to make your life easier if you’re making Thanksgiving dinner? Make as much as you can ahead of time. Cranberry sauce, sweet potato casserole, salad, stuffing, pies. So yeah, get going on the sweet potato casserole and cranberry sauce this weekend and freeze it. Same with the pies. Especially if you are one of those baking aficionados and are crazy enough to make your own crust. (The frozen ones they sell in the freezer section are actually pretty good…unfortunately I’ve been spoiled by a crazy Organic Structure who makes amazing home-made pie crust. Secret? Ditch the butter and go whole hog Crisco.)

Who will have an easier time cooking ahead? The planning people. That would be the Organic Structure, Smart Structure and the Classics. That said, experienced Organic Freedoms can also use freezing to their advantage, especially when they’ve burned themselves before with a 10pm dinner time. They might even want to forego some of the time consuming “day of” dishes like mashed potatoes and settle for an au gratin potato casserole. And Smart Freedom, don’t mean to leave you out, just remember to have the catering crews’ time of arrival in writing. And double check that detail.

Funs? Why ruin a good weekend with the drudgery of boring dishes like casseroles and pies? Half the fun of cooking is the whirlwind of the big day. We see you delegating these lesser dishes to your more capable recipe following baker Organics & Smarts, so you can be the star chef in your Thanksgiving pageant.

Best for Organics, Classics, and Smart Structure

Happy Friday!