Dear K&K: I wash my towels once a day. I have my kids shower at night and ask them to use a new towel. Unfortunately, I am constantly doing laundry. But, it’s worth it to me for everyone to be clean. I’m a Classic. My husband thinks this is ridiculous and a waste. How often should you wash your towels?  Signed: Solo in Solon

Dear Solo: The short answer is … not as often as you think. We found a link to a great article from the Today Show which confirmed the advice we were going to give you. They say every three baths/showers. I believe this is called “confirmation bias” but whatever, it’s hard being right. Ha!

So, now you know. You don’t need to wash your towels everyday. However, we know this knowledge will not necessarily deter you or others like you — we suspect you’re not truly solo (Read our PixieTip from last year on this EXACT topic and learn even more great PixieTips!). For you, try to experiment with every other day. Keep in mind that Classics have a hard time breaking habits and tend to care about cleanliness more than the rest of the personalities out there. If this doesn’t work, consider buying more towels so that you’re not doing laundry everyday. Dry, dirty towels can sit in your laundry room. Nothing bad will happen if you do something besides laundry for an hour or so.

In general, Smarts and Organics could do once a week and be fine. I’d say the same for Funs but a few of them are fastidious about this stuff and if they can’t handle the idea of the same towel for a week then I’d suggest buy enough towels so that you only have to do the wash once a week. We often suggest the easiest route with towels is white for the entire household. Easy to bleach, clean and you don’t have to waste time figuring out what towels go where. Check out these ones from Amazon that we featured above. Hope that helps! Katie & Kelly

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