Making Mountains of Photos into Molehills

Here’s why you have to stop doing traditional albums and printing photos beyond those intended for decorative frames. First, photos disintegrate. Second, most personality types rarely take albums out. Third, there is an easier, better way that doesn’t involve shoe boxes of photos waiting for you to put them into an album.
Gather up your existing photos and send them to a transfer service. Then, purchase a digital photo frame and voila. You can see all of your old and new photos whenever you want without hauling out a massive 10 pound book. We found a great article in the WSJ where they tried out a few different services (hey, we’ll do this too once we actually make some moolah!). The WSJ thought the most trust worthy and thorough one was Digital Memories
Once all of your photos are digital, Classic or Organic Structure or Smart Structure are the most likely to eventually find the time to do albums. After almost finishing my first digital photo album on Mac, I couldn’t believe how old fashioned photo scrapbooks are still for sale. It’s just SO much easier to build an album electronically and then have it printed for you. And I say this as a Classic , the type most likely to do an old fashioned album. 
Fine, it isn’t the cheapest thing in the world when you are creating a 100 page ode to your son’s first year of life but if you show more restraint than this Classic Freedom, it could be had for much less than $100. Blurb offers photo books starting at $12.95. Most photo editing software already on your computer offers some form of digital albums so that might be the easiest route.
Oh and you Funs, Organic & Smart Freedoms, make sure you buy back-up for your new digital photo storage. We’ve been pleased with Verbatim but there are others. Also consider an offsite place like Mozy, because even separate hard drives can fail.