Dear Katie & Kelly: How many Lands End Canvas Totes are allowed for a family of 5?!? LOL. Cleaning out a closet and I think I have 17. Signed: Surprised in Seattle

Dear Surprised: First, we love that you have 17 Lands End tote bags. Not say 17 canvas bags you’ve collected at conferences because they were “free” and seem “high quality”. They always are so irresistible. Yet, when is something free AND high quality? Isn’t that an oxymoron? We all rationalize keeping them with the thought of all of the things we could use them for if we keep ’em but never stop to think that we were just fine before they arrived. Itching to know what the most useful tote bags are? Read on here.

So, you’re actually ahead of the game even though it might not feel that way. While we are forever trying to get clients to winnow their tote bag collection down to 5, we have a caveat. If you have two different SIZES of monogrammed totes per person, we suggest a 10 bag minimum. My kids always complain when they have to use something with their brother’s name on it. So that’s our caveat because life is short and it’s annoying to hear your kids complain. 😉 Good luck pruning! Katie & Kelly

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