Misty Water Colored Memories

Darcy Miller’s brilliance on display… of the way we were … Man, is that one of my favorite Barbara Streisand songs and movies. I’ve never understood why she couldn’t find a way to stay with Robert Redford. It’s not a big surprise that I wouldn’t “get it” since I’m a traditional Classic Freedom and she was likely my opposite, an Organic Freedom on a mission.

Okay, on to actual memories. My son is only 18 months old and already I have a zillion things that he has “created” that I cannot throw away but will eventually (a few already have) outlive their useful purpose in my home. Today’s tip is an idea from February 2010’s Martha Stewart’s Living issue and will appeal to all types but will likely be implemented by Classic Freedoms and Organic Structures.

Darcy Miller, the Editorial Director for Martha Stewart’s Weddings, has a knack for turning memories into works of art. She also has her own company doing unique illustrations and DIY wedding scrapbooks and scrapboxes. I instinctively want to imitate her shadow box display right now but realize that it’ll be a bit of a challenge for me as a Classic. Out of the box thinking is not my strongest suit and doing more than one shadow box will require a bit of big picture planning (like, maybe wait a few years until I have the space for it and more precious things to include.) 

So how to do this project regardless of type? Classics and Funs if you don’t have a spot for it just yet, save the important things — stuff that resonates for you — from different parts of your and/or your little ones lives. Use one spot to store it all. When the time comes, follow Martha’s tips as she is the master. Organics, you’ll likely have more than one home for all of your memories as you naturally surround yourself with meaningful objects in every room. This project would allow you to display some of the little things that are hidden somewhere that have meaning to you and your big picture sensibility will mean the end result is beautiful. Organic Freedoms remember that you might get this done when you retire or your kids are in college so no browbeating in the meantime, and kudos if you are inspired enough to complete this. Unfortunately for Smarts, Darcy’s company doesn’t offer a service to do it for you. But, they do have customized invitations and illustrations and you could always inquire … everyone has a price, right?