The types who most often pick up random souvenirs are Classic Freedoms, Fun Freedoms and Organics. But, everyone has collected bits and baubles from different trips and outings over the years. The problem for Classics and Funs arises when they don’t have a spot for them and then they instinctively squirrel them away in odd spots. My husband used an old desk organizer to house his restaurant matchbook collection and then stuffed it under his desk. For Organics, it’s when they don’t remember where they got that random rock that they’ve been using as a paper weight for 15 years. 

The photo inspiration today is from Real Simple and would be a great solution for a Classic or a Fun who has the extra time to do the project. While it’s not a perfect fit for Organic Structures, if you tweaked it to your sensibilities, it could work, i.e., didn’t incorporate the labels or perhaps used less clinical jars. A simpler idea (and one that would work well for larger objects and Organic Freedoms and all types without the time for this project) would be to mark where an item is from on the bottom using a Sharpie and your best (or your friend’s best) penmanship.