A New and Wondrous Way to Keep a To Do List

Ladies and Gentleman, let me introduce you to the fabulous, amazing and quite Magical, Later Table.

Okay so it’s probably not ALL that. I know you Classics and Funs are just looking at a cluttered counter top. But I was pretty stoked to discover it. Yeah it’s just a twist on our fabulous, amazing Magical Later Box, but even still I don’t know what stopped me from discovering it before. Oh wait, I know. It was lack of space. It was New York City.

It takes space that you don’t see ALL the time to be able to have a Later Table, and this most definitely will not work for Classics or Funs. Right now we have our kids’ Classic babysitter from New York visiting and I can feel her itching to clear off my Magical Later Table. But I have stopped her. It’s imperative that I keep all that stuff out on this basement counter top. One of three basement counter tops. The other ones can be clear, this magical one is in my line of sight every time I come down to the basement to do the laundry and it is filled with projects I need to do, but don’t want or have to do, right now.

It is a visual, To Do list in full and living 3-D color.

And yes, many of us Organics and Smarts do this without thinking. Piles of postponed projects cluttering up our daily lives. Frankly I discovered it by finally doing the postponed project of clearing off my messy kitchen counter top. What I found under the clutter was about three or four projects that I had stashed there because I hadn’t decided where to put them. And usually I just keep stuff like that cluttering up my daily life until I finally do the project. But these days it’s harder to do stuff in a timely manner, so having a spot to stash these projects is pretty darn life changing, and well, kind of magical.

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