Zappos has new personality types for their fashion lines, and while I got excited about Boho and Hipster —assuming they were created for Funs and Organics — they seemed to be more teeny-bopper than adult funky. Ah youth, that crazy time when you experiment with fun stuff and wear belly shirts and short skirts. Those days are sadly over for me.

I was a bit disappointed because Boho should synch up nicely with Organics, but there were at least two outfits with belly-exposing shirts, and too many long flowy skirts that don’t look good on this short legged girl. And I also have a huge head so I knew the floppy hats wouldn’t fit me and then, well, taken at a purely aesthetic fashion level Boho doesn’t make that much sense as a personality type, more of a fashion trend.

But even the Boho description synched up nicely with Organic: “Care-free, Cali-chic, Free-Spirited, Artsy, Reflective.” Now this might be more in line with Organic Freedom than Organic Structure, but even so, there were still very few adult outfits for Organic Freedoms and way too many long skirts. It should be a personality type not a trend! I saw a couple of more sophisticated outfits among the Fashionista line, but still these were more Fun than Organic.

But after looking at all the other Zappos personality types I saw that Boho was as close as they were going to get for Organics so I took a deeper look. I found a few shirts I might purchase and I would definitely wear the outfit pictured above. For more sophisticated adult outifts I would steer Organics towards the Mom-on-the-Go personality type. These are much more my speed and I could see myself wearing many of them. I think even Kelly can attest to me wearing this one on the right. So for Organics shopping at Zappos, go for Boho, Mom-on-the-Go, maybe a little Fashionista and for exercise clothes check out Mountain Woman.